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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Its Been a While...

Time. It is not my friend. I've been trying to make time work for me lately, but it just seems to refuse my advances. I sometimes wonder how I find the time to sleep! Well, in any event... here's what's been going on lately.

Ethan will be 11 months old on Sunday. Can you believe my little angel is practically a big boy now? Time, once again, not my friend, flies by so fast! I feel like I've been dancing through these 11 months only partially conscious of what's been going on. My baby won't be a baby any more very soon. 11 months is just 4 weeks away from 1 year old. Good grief!

Lately we've been dealing with his desire to challenge authority. He doesn't believe that the word "no" applies to him. Whenever I say it, I'm obviously talking to myself. He can't even walk yet, how has he become a rebel already? He's a cute rebel though, so he gets away with murder.

Some of the milestones we have mastered are cruising, waving bye bye (again - he stopped doing this for a good while), saying "baby" with meaning (while talking about nearby babies), saying "bah bah," crawling and dancing (my personal favorite)! He'll dance to practically anything, Sesame Street songs, the Franklin theme song, commercials... you name it. He's got rhythm. I'm just hoping he'll start walking soon, like within the next week while I'm still home on vacation from work! Probably not likely, but a girl can hope, can't she?

I've managed to get through the holidays without completely breaking the bank, just partially. I've used some Krazy Glue to get it back together temporarily, until I finish paying for this birthday party that I'm clearly overspending on!! I read so many parenting mags and blogs that advised me not to go overboard for the first birthday party. Friends and family told me not to go too crazy because essentially he won't remember it. But of course, little ol' me couldn't do something like this on a small scale.. so I have officially gone overboard! Hopefully I can reign in some of this spending, but for now we're in the middle of what I will dub from here on out as the Post Holiday Birthday Moneypalooza. No dead president is safe!

Happy New Year!

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